About Us

2013-09-12 15:09:44

Hayfa Charitable Medical Center locates in a unique location at the heart of Al Tufah area.  The center locates in the middle of five areas:  (Al Shejaeya, Al Tufah, Al Daraj, Sha'af and Jabalya), where these areas are characterized by over population, and low income level as a result of the difficult economic situations.
The center consists of five floors and a roof.  Also new specialized sections will be opened.  The Center tries to match the needs of patients and emergency cases.
 Services of the center are not limited to health sector, but also the management of the Centre established an upper floor for the Health Education and Human Development, which include courses of first aid and many courses related to the society needs.
The low income and standard of living of the citizens, as well as the increase of the population and high prices of medicines caused a deep pressure on the official and governmental institutions which leads to the big need for Hayfa Charitable Medical Center by (250,000) citizens where it can meet their healthy and scientific needs and reduce the spread of infectious disease epidemics, as well as help the target groups to be award of the importance of hygiene and how to avoid diseases before they occur.


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