The fuel crisis in the Gaza Strip began after Egyptian security forces

2013-11-04 11:11:19

The fuel crisis in the Gaza Strip began after Egyptian security forces in the city of Rafah conducted a large-scale campaign against the tunnels used for smuggling gas into the Strip, destroying most of the pumps that bring fuel into the Strip. 

the underground tunnels linking Gaza and Egypt and thousands of liters of Egyptian fuel are smuggled into Gaza daily. the destruction of a number of tunnels used for smuggling fuel, has plunged Gaza into a major crisis which it has yet to emerge from. this has reflected negatively on all aspects of life in Gaza. The isolation of President Mohamed Morsi in Egypt had a negative impact on the lives of the people in Gaza.  The new authorities in Cairo targeted tunnels which the Palestinians can passes the goods and other daily needs by there,  these tunnels is an economic lifeline in the besieged Gaza Strip, and its population of 1.7 million people.


The number of tunnels between Gaza and Egypt, about a thousand tunnel , more than 7 thousand people are working there.  Moreover, targeting tunnels by the new authorities in Egypt for tunnels led to a scarcity of building materials and fuel.  Also stop construction workshop lead to demobilization of 20 thousand construction workers. And Israel has prevented the entry of construction materials into Gaza, arguing they can be used in the manufacture of weapons or build stores, with the exception of small amounts for the UN projects.


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